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Transformation Culture

Whether digital or driven by changing business models or new ways of working, culture is undeniable the determining success factor to achieve the full potential of organizational transformations.

Developing a transformation culture does not follow the road of a classic ‘begin-to-end’ project. Why? Because this journey is much more about a remastering of our mindset enabling us to accommodate permanently to a changing environment. It is so much more than tailoring the culture to a change, we are aiming for a culture that enables transformations in its very nature.  This is what a transformation culture is about.



It is challenging to see culture up close. Like a fish unaware of water, insiders become accustomed to their own perspectives regarding how they make sense of and go about things.


A transformation culture goes hand in hand with the awakening of a growth mindset that converts adaptation to adoption and does that both on an individual and collective level.

This mindset must be ingrained into its thinking patterns in the operation of teams. This requires an ongoing focus  in operations for changes in the work environment, the meaning of these changes, the necessary adjustments to them, as well as for the securing of the corresponding actions.

This calls for a transformational enabler.



The transformation enabler operates like a catalyst does in any living process. By laying out a framework of thought with corresponding patterns and agility formats, a holding space is created around the daily operations within which ongoing change is identified, given meaning and action.

This mindset with its corresponding approach is a tailor-made suit that leaders, teams and employees can make their own. It calls for an adapted  system of assumptions, values, and beliefs, governing sense- and decision making. Trough its culture it aims at reinforcing the adaptive response of the organization to its continuous and rapid changing environment.


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