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Digital adoption.

Digital adoption is the process through which teams and individuals acquire the ability to fully master new technology for its successful application in daily workflows.

With every disruptive cycle and the introduction of new technology, companies need to introduce measures to cope with the mindset and skill shifts required to carry out new tasks and interact with new interfaces. That is, they need to implement an effective adoption strategy.

Digital adoption is the process of dealing with this learning curve, breaking through barriers and obstacles connected to push-back, and allowing anybody to be proficient with any new digital process without strenuous training. 

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Digital adoption strategies.


Digital transformation and change processes that are disjointed from a digital adoption strategy fail or yield a much lower return on investment.


Adoption strategies that revolve around digital transformation go well beyond the simple implementation of new technology. Primarily, digital disruption is about people and their human experience. That is why in enabling digital adoption we integrate in the digital support strategy a human touch guidance focusing on an evolution and shift in mindset and mentality.


We go for the true digital adoption. That is one where people understand and accept the role of digital processes and the reasons behind the transformation. An adoption in which there are guided into a full onboarding on the most critical features of applications to be integrated in work processes.

We navigate the user adoption process trough different coherent stages bearing in mind the uniqueness of each situation.

Together we answer the following questions.



What are the critical factors to align with in order to successfully accomplish the targeted adoption? ;



How do we get people to use the technology in the ways it is intented to be used? What means and what mindset do we need to develop ;



How do we support the users and do we drive adoption in the field? ;



What structure and framework do we need to drive the process? ;​



How do we build it out and do we get things started? ;


Discuss your need for a new digital adoption strategy.


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